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Improve Your Truck's Performance With Alternator Repair

We are a full service repair shop. We do mechanical repairs to road tractors, heavy equipment, farm equipment and fork trucks. We can overhaul engines, fix transmissions, brakes and overhaul fuel pumps for most applications.

Lee Phillips Enterprises helps you optimize your truck's performance with a new starter motor. We also offer alternator repair throughout Buckhannon, West Virginia. We repair or replace alternators and starters in commercial equipment or vehicles. Your alternator is an essential part of your engine, so it's important to repair it correctly and effectively. A damaged alternator means you won't be able to start the engine. Instead of letting your motor or alternator's state affect your business, bring it to our experts at Lee Phillips Enterprises. We repair your vehicle all while ensuring that its electrical components work properly. Make sure your vehicle starts every time with our qualified services. We look forward to helping you, whether it's for warehousing, vehicle-repair, or one of our other full-service offerings.

Starters & Alternators

We offer a full line of heavy-duty and automotive starters and alternators. We can supply you with generators and replacement one-wire alternators for older tractors, bulldozers, construction, and timber equipment. Do you need a hydraulic starter head overhauled or replaced? We can handle that too. Do you need an Ingersoll Rand® Air Starter rebuilt? (Other Brands Available) Give us a call. We can supply you with new units as well.

Check with us before you buy a starter or alternator somewhere else. Give us a call and check out our  specials. We have access to an extensive line of new and rebuilt units at a reasonable price. We also do R&R on most hard to find units. We can repair and return your starter, generator or alternator for older model farm and industrial equipment. We also carry a line of 4-wheeler, side by side and compact tractor starters and alternators. Do you need a new motor for your snow plow or winch. We can handle that too.

How about a 1-wire alternator for those problematic tractors you just can't seem to keep charging? We carry a line of 1-wire alternators with a very low cut in speed for tractors that operate below 2000 rpm. We also carry agricultural pulleys that will increase the alternator's rpm speed on tractors using a 3/4 inch belt.

Please visit our "Buy It Here" page for monthly specials on Alternators, Starters and many other products.